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>> A message in a bottle is somewhat of a single thing that's sent, whereas
>> smoke signals are also communications, and surely must be considered as
>> having been sent long before the fire is put out and the final puff of
>> smoke emitted? In other words, it's one of those "flows" I keep
>> mentioning, where the reception takes place continuously rather than in
>> one "lump".
>There is a difference between the message having being sent and part of
>the message having been sent.

So a phone call hasn't happened until I put down the receiver? Remember, 
this in the context of what RIPA prohibits someone intercepting. It's 
laughable to suggest RIPA allows you to intercept a phone call up until 
the phone is put down, on the grounds that it's not a "communication" 
until the phone call is complete.

Roland Perry

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