Newzbin2 blocking order, questions over SSL etc

James Firth james2 at
Wed Oct 26 18:31:50 BST 2011

The Newzbin2/BT blocking order finally appeared today. It raises lots of
issues, including the fact that the studios can ask for additional IP
addresses to be blocked, including sites whose predominant purpose is to
provide access to Newzbin2 (I blogged a whole summary here:
) but am I missing something re HTTPS?

Paragraph 6 of the ruling states "the Studios now accept that the order
should refer to IP address re-routing and not IP address blocking." Mr
Justice Arnold adds: "It appears that IP address blocking could lead to
"overblocking" of sites or pages that ought not to be blocked"

OK, so it *appears* as though we have a situation where BT have to add an IP
address and URL to Cleanfeed, even if the URL is the root domain for
Newzbin2 [and mirrors].

So, what if Newzbin2 go HTTPS/SSL? Surely Cleanfeed can't match a URL from
an encrypted HTTP GET request?

James Firth

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