New Universal Credit system to be accessed via existing consumer online banking systems!!!!!

Chris Salter ukcrypto at
Thu Oct 20 01:49:02 BST 2011


Below are selected quotes from
"Welfare reform: government hopes there's an app for that"

"An online "app" to help 8m households apply for the new universal 
credit, integrating tax credits and out-of-work benefits, is being 
developed as part of one of the most hazardous and ambitious IT 
programmes ever undertaken by government"

"The IT security for the system is to be linked to claimants' existing 
security codes, operated by their commercial banks, he also disclosed."

"Freud said: "We are getting a lot of help from the banking community. 
They have got security systems we are looking at very closely. The 
fundamental is to know who is on the system, and one of the things we 
are looking at is piggy-backing on those systems. So rather than us 
having to ID assure, one of the things we can do is get customers to 
click through their bank account to us.""

End quotes.

The government already have an 'ID assurance system' called "Government 
Gateway" used for submitting tax returns, accessing state pension 
forecasting and probably other facilities.

Chris Salter

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