Does the US have juristriction over the whole world?

Florian Weimer fw at
Sun Nov 27 21:24:34 GMT 2011

* Mary Hawking:

> Does anyone know about this - and whether it is true?
> Apparently it is Microsoft's view that requiring data to be held within a
> national boundary is a breach of WTO regulations - and, worryingly, that any
> data held by any organisation which trades with the US is subject to US law.
> "Any company with a presence in the United States of America (not just those
> with headquarters or subsidiaries in that country) may be legally required
> to respond to a valid demand from the United States Government for
> information the company retains custody over or controls, regardless of
> where the data is stored or the existence of any conflicting obligations
> under the laws of the country where the data is located," the submission
> states

Isn't this true for most countries, not just the U.S.?

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