Does the US have juristriction over the whole world?

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Sat Nov 26 18:24:01 GMT 2011

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> From: Peter Fairbrother Sent: Saturday, November 26, 2011 2:29 PM
> (a UK data controller is required by law to protect personal data in his 
> control against the US government as well as spammers and identity 
> thieves. He's also required to protect it against the UK Government, who 
> if they want it must get it through him).

He is not required to protect it against the UK government.

There is a general exception to the Data Protection Act for the prevention 
and detection of crime. Also one for "historical purposes", i.e. keeping it 
all forever in case your descendants happen to be interested.

A partial list of exemptions is:

28. National security..

29. Crime and taxation..

30. Health, education and social work..

31. Regulatory activity..

32. Journalism, literature and art..

33. Research, history and statistics.

Together they are - a hole the size of a truck for the authorities.

You didn't think it was there to protect you from the state, did you?

The Data Controller CAN say no in these circumstances and ask for a court 

But he *does not have to*.


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