Does the US have juristriction over the whole world?

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Sat Nov 26 17:37:06 GMT 2011

Roland Perry wrote:
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>> It's long past time that the UK and EU/EAA Information Commissioners 
>> gave clear guidance that personal data cannot be stored in clouds. 
>> Full stop.
> Cloud vendors are aware of these issues and have different products for 
> different markets. If you need a cloud-based solution that "stays in the 
> EU" or even "stays in the UK" you can probably find one, but don't 
> expect it to be one of the mass market consumer ones.

The problem isn't just staying in the UK/EU, though that is a part of it.

It's also that the operators of the cloud - and by that I mean everyone 
who controls any of the machinery (or even the networking services) in 
the cloud, not just the people who sell the cloud service - are data 
processors, and the data controller has a responsibility to ensure that 
they "provid[e] sufficient guarantees in respect of the technical and 
organisational security measures governing the processing to be carried 

Also they data controller must "take reasonable steps to ensure 
compliance with those measures"

If the data controller doesn't even know who is hosting the data he is 
responsible for, how can he be performing either of these duties?

> At a Council of Europe conference last year ago the MS rep said that 
> their standard cloud might not be what you needed in these circumstances 
> (but they might have changed their stance/product in the mean time).

Not sure what MS meant by "these circumstances", but my comments apply 
to any processing of "personal data".

That would include almost all types of business records (can you be sure 
there is no personal data in there? - not usually).

Really, the only non-personal data which exists in any quantity, and 
might be suitable for cloud storage, is probably scientific data.

-- Peter Fairbrother

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