Pan European eID?

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Fri Nov 4 18:25:19 GMT 2011

Courtesy of Smart Card and Identity News:

STORK Reveals How It Has Made The EU One Step Closer To A Digital Single 

STORK (Secure Identity Across Borders Linked), the innovative project 
which has established EU-wide interoperability of electronic identities 
(eIDs), invites stakeholders to its 5th and final Industry Group Meeting 
in Poznan, Poland on Wednesday 16th November 2011, to learn how the 
project has made the EU one step closer to the digital single market.

STORK, a project co-funded by the EU ICT Policy Support Programme under 
the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) was 
officially launched in May 2008. The objective was to develop and test 
common specifications for mutual recognition of national electronic 
identity (eID) between the STORK participating countries and achieve 
their acceptance in many different pioneer applications (pilot 
experiences). The project is scheduled to finish in December 2011 and at 
this meeting the STORK solution to this challenge and its long-term 
benefits to industry will be revealed.

STORK WP7 "Communication and Sustainability" Leader and Executive 
Director of Gov2u, Vasilis Koulolias states: "The STORK project has 
successfully united 18 countries and a total of 35 consortium partners 
from across the public and private sector in its goal to creating a 
truly interoperable, reliable and sustainable solution for the 
cross-border use of national electronic identities." He adds: "At this 
5th STORK Industry Group meeting it is important all industry 
stakeholders to attend and learn about the progress the STORK project 
has made in achieving a sustainable, robust, transparent, safe to us and 
scalable solution to bring the EU one step closer to a digital single 
market as the EU Digital Agenda mentions".

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How does this match up with the new Cabinet Office project? (In 2008 DWP 
was running our sub-project - it was reported at the 14th Porvoo 
conference in Cardiff).


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