More on the "Identity Assurance programme "

Peter Tomlinson pwt at
Fri Nov 4 13:46:07 GMT 2011

On 04/11/2011 10:20, Ian Batten wrote:
> On 4 Nov 2011, at 05:04, Adrian Midgley wrote:
>> Identity seems to me to be important toa bank, but who someone is does not.
>> IE if I turn up to take out money they really would like to know that
>> I am the same person who put it in there, openend the account etc, but
>> if I want to be John Smith to them it is no trouble to them,
>> Except as far as governments make it for them.
> Exactly.  The "know your customer" drive, in which banks demand passports from people who have held credit-only accounts for the past fifty years, is a reaction to money laundering legislation, not the banks' own requirements.  If the government stopped asking, the banks would stop doing.  You may recall that opening a bank account in the 1980s required, or was made much easier, an introduction by an existing customer, rather than a check of formal identity documents.
A solicitor has recently told me that, if they have not been in contact 
with you for more than 6 months, they have to see the proofs again if 
you want to engage them again.


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