Midata [WAS Re: More on the "Identity Assurance programme "]

William Heath wmheath at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 18:46:43 GMT 2011

Meanwhile in another part of town, see today's related midata announcement:


It could deliver huge growth potential to the British economy while
transforming the relationship between consumers and corporations.

Nothing trivial, then, about the claims being made by the government
about its midata project.

The plan is to release all sorts of data held by private businesses
back to consumers - but the challenge is going to be explaining to the
public just why this is so exciting.

"It can sound a bit geeky," admitted Professor Nigel Shadbolt, the man
trying to push through the government's open data agenda. "But it's
about getting the information that companies hold about me and you
back to you in a form you can use."

The plan is that all sorts of companies will make their data
available, and then other firms will help consumers to manage it and
build useful applications and services on the back of it.....

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