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Fri Mar 11 16:33:04 GMT 2011

"BT contends that the injunction should be confined to its UK retail,
mass market services which incorporate Cleanfeed as an integral and
non-optional function. The Studios resist this limitation. I am
surprised that this point was not raised by BT earlier in the
proceedings, as I consider it should have been. Nevertheless, I must
now consider it on its merits.
Simon Milner, BT's Director of Group Industry Policy, explains in his
third witness statement the manner in which BT's business is
structured. It has an access services division (Openreach), an
upstream division which provides products and services for use by
communications providers (BT Wholesale) and two downstream divisions
which provide products and services to end users (BT Retail and BT
Global Services). BT Retail serves consumers and small and
medium-sized enterprises. BT Global Services serves large businesses
and public bodies. Cleanfeed is provided as an integral and
non-optional part of the standard service offered by BT Retail.
Cleanfeed is not imposed on BT's other customers, but some of BT
Global Services' customers have it as an option. Counsel for BT
explained that some customers, such as the police and banks, do not
want Cleanfeed either because they do not want any filtering (the
police) or because they have their own systems (banks).
I accept that it is not appropriate to grant an injunction against
BT's access services and upstream divisions. The position in respect
of BT's downstream divisions is more equivocal, but in my view the
proportionate answer is that the injunction should apply to all BT's
services which incorporate Cleanfeed whether that is imposed on the
customer or taken as an option."

So, BT Retail and BT Global Services if they have the option. Try
accessing newzbin and see if it works.

Francis Davey

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