Card transactions by proxy

Mark Cottle ukcrypto at
Wed Mar 30 21:07:18 BST 2011

On 30 Mar 2011 at 18:35, John Wilson wrote:

> Barclaycard is quite clear "8.2   You must never allow anyone else to
> use your card."
> (,4556,1.pdf)
> Can you tell us the name of the local authority?

Prefer not to give the name at the moment. Although the proposals of 
which this is a part are out to a fairly broad consultation (and thus 
it's not much of a secret in the area concerned) I need to be 

It certainly seems to be a breach of the Barclaycard T&Cs and I'm 
guessing the same applies to most other cards/issuers. That would 
seem to be a matter between the issuer and the cardholder. It also 
sounds as if there might be issues relating to the merchant agreement 
under which the authority gets its web transactiosn processed, 
although I'm not clear about that.

The aspect I most need to pin down now is the position of staff who 
are asked to perform transactions in the manner in question. 

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