Peter Mitchell otcbn at
Wed Mar 30 08:29:16 BST 2011

Charles Lindsey wrote  on 29-03-11 21:43:
> Yep.  Bethere (as I found out) scan outgoing mails for particular 
> strings (that they won't reveal - probably just a list of scam web 
> sites) and assume anything containing one is spam. 

Yes, we use Be and we had this too. The worst thing is that 
you don't know they are doing it - they simply fail to 
deliver your outgoing email. No bounce warning or anything.

We only noticed it when my wife was trying to reply to an 
email with one of these forbidden strings in it. She uses 
that daft email convention where you reply by reproducing 
the whole of the previous correspondence at the bottom and 
add your comments at the top; so the forbidden string was 
still in her outgoing message when she tried to send it. Be 
stopped it going out (oddly they hadn't blocked the incoming 
e-mail with the offending string).

It took me ages to discover what was happening.

> And of course when I 
> tried to forward such an email to complain to a (probably) respectable 
> ISP about one of their customers, I didn't get very far.
> And bethere's front-line CS didn't know. "You're spam-checking my mail" 
> "no we're not" "yes you are - escalate the call and find out!" "Oh yes, 
> so we are. Tough."

I find it kind of comforting that their own staff don't know 
what's going on either. It makes me feel less persecuted.

Pete Mitchell

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