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Saw this on uk.comp.misc. He asks whether it is illegal. Sure seems like
unlawful interception to me.

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On 24/03/11 09:22, Graham Harrison wrote:
> Not so long ago there were various news items about
> I decided it wouldn't do any harm to forward them a few scam emails so I
> started doing just that. Then BT (my ISP) decided I was actually sending
> spam. It hasn't stopped me sending ordinary mails but I can no longer
> forward the spam/scam mails. I tried talking to them and their help desk
> initially found it difficult to believe the problem was with their own
> system (it is) and when they finally got it (or said they did) they said
> they couldn't do anything.
> So I went to Actionfraud whose response also suggested they didn't
> understand that the problem is at BT and they suggested I print my mails
> and send them to a freepost address.
> Has anyone else had any similar experiences?

Yep.  Bethere (as I found out) scan outgoing mails for particular 
strings (that they won't reveal - probably just a list of scam web 
sites) and assume anything containing one is spam. And of course when I 
tried to forward such an email to complain to a (probably) respectable 
ISP about one of their customers, I didn't get very far.

And bethere's front-line CS didn't know. "You're spam-checking my mail" 
"no we're not" "yes you are - escalate the call and find out!" "Oh yes, 
so we are. Tough."

I'm sure it's illegal to do this scanning (it's not even in their T&C's 
that they may/will), although I can understand an ISP's desire not to be 

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