Adult content blocks on mobile ISPs

Ian Batten igb at
Mon Mar 7 15:41:58 GMT 2011

On 07 Mar 11, at 1413, Roland Perry wrote:

> In article <197036DE-5915-409B-AEE6-2AD0D649ED14 at>, Ian Batten <igb at> writes
>> I've read the standard in more detail, and I note with sadness that
>> the standard defines testing blocking by checking it blocks a
>> supplied list of URLs, and testing overblocking by confirming
>> another supplied list is not blocked.
> That would be trivially easy, if the software itself had access to the first list. Is that how they do it, rather than relying upon some sort of on-the-fly context checking?

It's not clear if the software has access to the list or not.  If it does, then everything is meaningless, but I presume on reflection that the intent is that the lab has the list, but the software doesn't.


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