Adult content blocks on mobile ISPs

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Fri Mar 4 23:11:52 GMT 2011

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>In particular the mere conduit immunity is directed at liability for
>information and the rationale is that the mere conduit has no real
>control over the information in question (it didn't create it or
>select it) and therefore should not be liable for it.

I think the crux is that they are not liable when failing-to-'select' it 
[ie failing to block it, or being as the name suggests a mere conduit].

>After all, ISP's do by their very nature "select" destinations in the
>sense that they take automatic routing decisions (or may have to).

If there's load balancing going on they'll be playing a part in 
'selecting' where a particular bit of content is sourced from. Not that 
such a decision should affect what the content *is*.

But this is way beyond the sort of complication the authors were 
expecting to be legislating for [albeit that's for a court to decide, 
not the authors].
Roland Perry

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