O'Dwyer: US extradition attempt for UK-based copyright "offences"

James Firth james2 at jfirth.net
Fri Jun 17 11:08:01 BST 2011

Not sure if people on the list have seen the case of Richard O'Dwyer that's
been breaking this week.

Facts have been slow to emerge, I've blogged it here: 

Essentially O'Dwyer ran a links website TV-Shack.  Anyone who's been
following the repeated attempts to make criminal charges under CDPA (or a
related conspiracy to defraud in the case of R v Ellis) will understand
there's been no jury conviction for offences that just include links.

Incidentally; David Cook, who comments in today's Telegraph, wrote something
about the persistence of the police and rights holders to make criminal
charges stick on Orgzine last month:


James Firth

CEO, Open Digital Policy Organisation Ltd

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