nationwide interception of Facebook & webmail login credentials in Tunisia

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Mon Jan 31 15:46:11 GMT 2011

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>So Cert Patrol just picked up an SSL certificate switch for 
>; here's the new SHA1 fingerprint I've got... 
>Anyone confirm they've also had a switch

Yes I have that one too...  apparently it is valid from 5Jan11 to 5Jan12

My guess would be that the previous cert was about to expire so they
have bought a new one, and now pushed it out...

... means the next push will be smack in the middle of Xmas/New Year
next year. Some lucky sysadmin will not be pleased!

I note that Google have chosen to go with a 1024bit cert again, despite
strong US Government encouragement for 2048bits. I expect that's because
they can't face making the longer certs work on mobile platforms.

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