Data Retention of Calling Parties

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>> My recollection of his Radio 4 interview was that he asked for the
>> details some considerable time after the event so the caller details
>> were not available but the notes on the database were.
> If we were to surmise that his enquiries were more than six months after,
> that might lead us to conclude something about the data retention policy. I
> don't think he implied it was more than (say) two years.

The report is here

The last attempt to to access the account was July 2008. He was
approached by the BBC and encouraged to check if this had happened, it
would appear that this was quite recent (I can't see why the BBC would
sit on this information for any appreciable time). So to time between
the event and the inquiry was over two years. You will see that the
article says "Mr Mitchell was told that records of calls made and
received were routinely destroyed after about a year."

Of course this information was part of their record of calls to their
customer service department. It's a big leap to assume it tells us
anything about thier data retention policies in respect of other call

John Wilson

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