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The proposal is doomed, because it already contains the thin end of a 
wedge (or alternatively a frog boiler) "underage sales of alcohol and 
tobacco". The criminal justice system either ranks the seriousness of 
offences by the maximum custodial sentence, or it doesn't. If, as is 
implied, these two offences don't carry a six month maximum, it's a bit 
rich to start cherry-picking them: "nevertheless we need these powers", 
so let's make an exception".

Incidentally, I still don't agree with the characterisation of a ban 
["don't do surveillance unless..."] as a "power", but it seems this meme 
is as well entrenched as "identity theft" and other well known 
distraction nomenclature.

On the other hand, acquiring comms data *is* a power. Are they proposing 
to amend all the "other powers" (for example contained in various 
anti-fraud legislation) to make it clear they can't be used for comms 
data. Currently, as I understand it, the use of "other powers" (for 
comms data) is deprecated by the Home Office and CSPs, but maybe local 
authorities still try to use them?


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>> Subject: Changes to Councils' RIPA Powers
>> Today (26th Jan 2011) the Home Office published its long awaited review
>> of counter-terrorism and security powers.  The main documents can be
>> found on the Home Office website:
>> http://twurl.nl/z132oa
>> Amongst all the headlines and controversy about control orders, it is
>> easy to miss the proposed changes  to local authorities' powers to
>> carry out surveillance under  RIPA.
>> The key changes recommended by the review are discussed on my blog:
>> http://www.informationlaw.org.uk/page8.htm#85488
>> Our next RIPA Update workshops will examine these proposals in details
>> and help you prepare for them.
>> More Details: http://www.actnow.org.uk/courses/RIPA/Surveillance_Law
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