Law halts "speculative invoicing" activity

James Firth james2 at
Tue Jan 25 11:28:03 GMT 2011

> Law firm ACS: Law stops 'chasing illegal file-sharers

I was just reading that.  I'm not sure how much evidence there is to support
Mr Crossley's assertions:

"I have ceased my work...I have been subject to criminal attack. My e-mails
have been hacked. I have had death threats and bomb threats," he said in the
statement, read to the court by MediaCAT's barrister Tim Ludbrook."

I'm reminded of this great piece on Andrew Crossley and ACS:Law

"Crossley says he's big enough and ugly enough to look after himself - he'll
get no argument from his many detractors on that point - and insists he
won't be intimidated. 'I don't care what people say about me,' he shrugs."

That whole Telegraph article is long but well worth a read for anyone
interested in the antics of ACS:Law

James Firth

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