Starmer dumps doormat?

Roland Perry lists at
Fri Jan 21 15:03:10 GMT 2011

In article <op.vpnswlzo6hl8nm at>, Charles Lindsey 
<chl at> writes
>> How does that work in the context of 1571 (Callminder), which is a 
>>voice   mail service offered by the network operator and hosted within 
>>the   operator's data centre?   There's only one mail mailbox 
>>associated with   the line.   When I call 1571, the messages could be 
>>for anyone.
>I would think such messages residing in the operator's data centre 
>would  be quite obviously still "in the course of transmission".

And when I type "1571", and listen to a message to my wife, have I 
intercepted it, and did I do so lawfully.

(It seems odd to be discussing such an everyday activity like this).
Roland Perry

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