Starmer dumps doormat?

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Wed Jan 19 11:07:46 GMT 2011

In article <4D3595E3.4090306 at>, ken <k.brown at> writes
>> ...I think that I want
>> something stronger in law, something that responds to the very
>> nature of these voicemail messages (and of emails)
>It seems hard to define the limits of such a law in a way that doesn't 
>make quite normal behaviour illegal.

Agreed. And the current law concentrates mainly on what hoops the 
authorities have to jump through in order to do classic "wiretapping" 
(and its analogues). The prospect of nosey civilians (including 
corporates) snooping on one another doesn't really enter into it - and 
hence, I'm sure, the long term disinclination of the police to even 

It's the same with the other provisions, for comms data and surveillance 
- it's all about what public authorities can and can't do - none of 
which helps me (as an individual with a grievance) tracing that eBay 
scammer of Facebook stalker
Roland Perry

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