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Tue Jan 11 07:34:16 GMT 2011

In article <20110110180656.GE6541 at sirena.org.uk>, Mark Brown 
<broonie at sirena.org.uk> writes
>>I expect they would claim that the NI number helps
>> identify the individual, but Experian knows where I live and will have
>> no difficulty in matching my name and address to their credit records.
>Unless there are several different ways of writing your address in the
>various databases out there, in which case automated systems can have
>rather more trouble than is desirable.

All that's needed is for my name and address to be recognised by the 
credit reference agencies. Even if there was a problem with that (which 
there isn't) they could come back and ask for clarification if the check 
returned "can't find him".
Roland Perry

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