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Matthew Pemble matthew at pemble.net
Mon Jan 10 16:45:22 GMT 2011

On 10 January 2011 16:30, Peter Mitchell <otcbn at callnetuk.com> wrote:

> Ian Batten wrote  on 10-01-11 16:15:
>  On 10 Jan 11, at 1318, Roland Perry wrote:
>>> I refused to give my NI number to an estate agent recently
>> Did you manage to get them to tell you why they wanted it?
> The reply would almost certainly have been, "It's because of the Data
> Protection Act, sir."

Something to do with their Money Laundering Reporting regime, perhaps - if
you have a job you have a legitimate source of income?

Not saying that it is reasonable, just that it is potentially explicable.

Matthew Pemble
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