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>> Going back to the main issue - is the ability to get hold of
>> someone else's NHS number any sort of problem?
>Look at the problems caused by the widspread use of Social Security 
>Numbers for non-social pourposes in the USA.
>For any sort of number that reliably identifies a person (that seems to 
>include NHS numbers but not NI numbers)

Even if NI numbers are less reliable, they should be included in the 
scope of any discussion like this.

>it should be illegal to ask for  that number outside of a context 
>clearly related to the original purpose  of that number.

There's a list of "approved" uses of NI numbers. I don't what the 
sanction is for breaching it.

On a broader note, DPA stipulates that data shall be "relevant and not 
excessive" (3rd Principle), and could also be brought into play.

>So I would not expect to be asked for my NHS number when applying for 
>car  insurance, for example.

I refused to give my NI number to an estate agent recently; they put up 
a struggle but I was very firm about it! And the lack didn't seem to 
hinder their subsequent activity.
Roland Perry

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