FYI: The Challenge of Turning Phones into Credit Cards - TheChallenge of Security & Why the UK is Key.

John Young cryptome at
Fri Feb 25 16:13:03 GMT 2011

>BTW I don't have a mobile 'phone, and I don't want one.
>-- Peter Fairbrother

On denying having a cellphone in your sex toolkit:

The Chinese "father" of the Great Firewall claims that the Internet
is being used by some 180 countries to spy and that is the reason
the US and allies are pushing for its expansion under guise of
FOI. He warns that opening North Korea via the Internet has that 
primary purpose. 

"Father" wryly notes all the spying countries are desperately hoping to 
keep themselves protected from electronic invasion of their own kind, 
in fact that threat is the rationale for cyber-spying on everybody else 
and direly warning (in unison) digital armageddon is nigh. He admits 
to that self-selfing pathology on behalf of the Chinese popluace's 
need for protection, parroting the lingo of mercenary protectors 
thoughout history.

Oddly, there have been far fewer similar warnings about cellphones.
now more widely available to the world's populace than the Internet
(even more than golden calved social media), and much cheaper 
(millions being handed out for free, thanks to highly trusted NGOs, 
handily provided with solar batteries for uninterrupted spew), more 
portable, more geo-trackable across borders, more readily recordable, 
more linkable to individuals, less secure and less warned against 
(as North African despots cheered along with those giants they 
emulate and are bountifully armed by), and, best of all, compulsively 
addictable with blithe indifference to suspicion due to the Ga-Ga 
pleasure of instant gratification to swap secret intimacies, only 
occasionally walking in front of a tram or being gobbled on safari 
by a tiger wearing an RFID bleeping to the exotic-skin-market-checker, 
run, asshole, run.

Benefically, in countries which prohibit drugs and alcohol and
pornography, if not cancer sticks, cellphones are vaunted as 
kingly to the peasantly.

Once free cigarettes were recognized as lethal injections to destroy
the body's natural defenses. Cellphones implanted in in cavities, under
pillows, in vehicles, in aircraft, in confessionals and love nests, in 
priests' and lovers' undies, no way could screwing yourself and
others by humping sans sheath. 

Chuck those cryptophones, Julian, Phil Zimmermann's work 
on them is pointing the way in, his brain is RFID'd to give only
pretty good warning.

With this deep actionable intelligence (R), it would be wise to 
think the Internet is now a ploy to divert suspicion from those 
adorable iPhone ear-pieces siphoning innermost scheming. 


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