nationwide interception of Facebook & webmail logincredentials in Tunisia

Ben Clifford benc at
Fri Feb 11 15:04:24 GMT 2011

> I think the one further thing the man in the pub needs to understand is that,
> when he sees a padlock, he should click on it and see whether the names that
> comes up is what he expected.

Safari does that for you automatically - when I go to natwest's home page 
and click on the online banking link, I get 'Royal Bank of Scotland Group 
plc'. So RBS either 0wns or owns natwest? But it doesn't match up with who 
I went to - NatWest.

(Also, I went to the obvious '' and was redirected to Poor training for your users: don't be surprised when you're 
using natwest online banking if the URL is some strange letter sequence 
rather than the website you went to...)


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