Sky blocks Newzbin, important legal and technical questions need answering

Igor Mozolevsky mozolevsky at
Fri Dec 16 11:52:51 GMT 2011

On 16 December 2011 08:21, Francis Davey <fjmd1a at> wrote:
> 2011/12/16 Igor Mozolevsky <mozolevsky at>:
>> I think we better take this offline, I was trying to put what was
>> necessary for BT to do in terms that ECJ put it in Scarlet. You seem
>> to be saying that because Cleanfeed doesn't look at what is sent and
>> received as a whole, but only at a proportion of what is sent, is less
>> invasive?
> I think at least that a court would find it less invasive. In its
> current incarnation its not going to be looking at the content of what
> is being transmitted, nor to interfere with what is transmitted on the
> basis of that content. Scarlet is different.

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