Sky blocks Newzbin, important legal and technical questions need answering

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Whilst some refuse to talk ... and try to get elected to govern; some build democracy.  As it's just been 'got' by GlobalRevolutionLive 5 min ago (by accident) ... Give it a spin At least John Young & another kind soul gave some support.  I hope these ideas also find some support in this place, even if not with your self Mr Firth.



"The man who owns a slave, or lives by exploiting others, whether slave or not, is not himself a free man. He is a man who must look over his shoulder all the time, in fear. True freedom lies in a deep concern for the freedom of others, and if this is accepted it should make every man, out of pure selfishness, the ardent devotee of the freedom of his neighbor." -Leonard Wibberly, 1776 - And All That (1975), p. 72.

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Francis Davey wrote:
> Out of interest, who is "us"?

Open Digital; but it was, to be honest, mostly a flippant remark.  I have
had some valuable advice already, it was just the people advising weren't
happy to go on the record unless I paid for a more thorough analysis.

Also this really is a case where one would expect the remaining ISPs, or
indeed ISPA as previously noted, to take the lead in a formal capacity;
leaving us noisy bloggers to pull together threads and stir a few pots.

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