Sky blocks Newzbin, important legal and technical questions need answering

Roland Perry lists at
Thu Dec 15 17:16:00 GMT 2011

I was interested in the comments about IP addresses, and the possibility 
of them being recycled to an innocent user who would then be denied 

Various address blocks are already barred (from otherwise large blocks) 
because of strange things happening within them. eg it's unlikely anyone 
will be issued with as a result of it containing which is a spurious traffic magnet for obvious reasons.

Current as viewed from here is on a block of addresses in 
Sweden. The first question to consider is whether the *ISP* which is 
Netcamp AB (aka Availio), is likely to reallocate the IP addresses to 
anyone else, as they are sure to know the provenance, let alone someone 
buying the /19 (8k addresses) block off Netcamp and subsequently 
assigning a totally random other user that address. And even then, it 
would quickly become apparent that there was something amiss, this is 
bread and butter down at the NOC.

Elsewhere, Newzbin have eight IP addresses (from a /14 block of 256k) 
via Easynet. Same arguments apply.

Of course, if the website were available on ipv6 this would be a 
non-discussion, as re-use is extremely unlikely.

ps I wonder if Cleanfeed etc are ipv6 enabled yet?

Roland Perry

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