Reporting scam emails to Met Police

Clive D.W. Feather clive at
Sun Dec 4 20:07:53 GMT 2011

Igor Mozolevsky said:
>> Note that you need to show real loss, not just damage to reputation or
>> something like that
> [snip]
> No, you merely need to show that `another' has been exposed to a risk
> of loss (second alternative in §(2(1)(b)(ii)); loss includes not
> getting something that one might get (note `might' not `will')
> (§5(4)). One may argue that damaged reputation exposes the person
> whose reputation was damaged to a risk of loss as a consequence.

I disagree. Claiming that a damaged reputation leads to financial loss is
too remote. The court will interpret the Act on the basis that that wording
is significant, and on your interpretation it is nugatory.

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