Shopping centre uses mobile phone data to "monitor visitor levels"

Tony Naggs tony.naggs at
Mon Aug 22 22:22:09 BST 2011

Sounds like what is done at som shopping Malls, I think maybe Bluewater was
mentioned before. (I apologise for not digging out references, but I'm out
about writing from my mobile phone.)

Basically the mobile network signalling within the shopping mall is
monitored (using software defined radio hardware & open source software).
When a phone registers with a network it gets a temporary device ids (a
TIMSI if I remember correctly), and these are recorded so the the Mall
owners can gather statistics on the routes people take through the mall, how
long they spend in stores, at the food court, etc.. and see how in Mall
events such as fashion shows, Santa's grotto etc affect behaviour. They
should not at any point have any information that would identify actual

On 22 Aug 2011 13:20, "John Wilson" <tugwilson at> wrote:
> I noticed this sign on London today
> Any idea precisely what they are collecting?
> John Wilson
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