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Mon Aug 15 09:50:27 BST 2011

In article <61E52F3A5532BE43B0211254F13883AE0BBD62 at EXC001>, Andrew 
Cormack <Andrew.Cormack at ja.net> writes
>If I'm reading it correctly RIPA s22(4)(a) may allow the police to 
>order future collection of traffic data (but not content): "if the 
>operator is not already in possession of the data, to obtain the data". 
>I've never heard of that power being used, so maybe I've misunderstood 
>and it just refers to fetching existing comms data from somewhere else?

I've always understood it to mean "turn on logging if you have it", but 
not having to install anything new - which is covered by the wording "A 
notice must not place a CSP under a duty to do anything which is not 
reasonably practicable for the CSP to do." in the Code of Practice.

And it continues: "CSPs cannot necessarily or reasonably edit or bespoke 
their systems to take account of every possible variation of what may be 
specified in notices." These are referring back to 22(7) in the Act.
Roland Perry

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