Facebook/Twitter etc "bans"

Ross Anderson Ross.Anderson at cl.cam.ac.uk
Fri Aug 12 08:20:28 BST 2011


> Surely it is more useful to read, and record, them and be inside their
> decision-action loops and able to intercept them on the ground

I was fascinated to read that the RAF supplied three helicopters to
the police to help them track events.

I wonder whether these were tactical sigint units. Modern kit can
break A5/1 in tens of milliseconds, allowing real-time decryption of
all the channels in a cell, and with directional antennas an airborne
monitor can hoover up the traffic from quite a few cells at once.

What you really need is to know where the looters are headed now, not
where they were yesterday once Blackberry hand over the logs. 
Real-time traffic analysis, including location analysis, of everyone
in London, is much better done from an airborne platform than by 
serving paperwork on dozens of different communications service


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