TomTom giving customer driving data to cops

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Thu Apr 28 14:47:21 BST 2011

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>> I'm prepared to believe that the TomTom data doesn't overtly identify 
>>individual cars, they could be sending the police tracking data based 
>>on a token for each car, although you could still build up a picture 
>>like those iPhone maps we saw last week, and know where the car was 
>>parked at night.
>I suppose the police could be getting anonomised data at the individual 
>car level. But that would require them to do a lot of processing to 
>identify "speeding hotspots".
>I think its a bit more likely that they would be getting statistical 
>data along the lines of: "The number of cars per hour on this stretch 
>of road travelling at an average speed between "90 km/h and 100 km/h is 
>..., the number travelling between 100km/h and 110 km/h is ..., etc".

If they wanted the results presented like that, I expect they'd ask the 
supplier for their conclusions. The conspiracy theory is that they are 
getting the raw data too, but perhaps it's just a cock-up.
Roland Perry

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