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Thanks for pointing this out. Unfortunately it seems they haven't addressed the many problems that were pointed out in the responses with defining "unintentional interception" in a way that doesn't capture lots of legitimate activities :(

Can anyone explain why I'm *not* going to be in line for a monetary penalty next time I turn on my wifi laptop in a populated area (given the nature of radio I'll undoubtedly receive communications that aren't intended for me), or the owner of an iPad when it fails to stop using the IP address when the DHCP lease runs out?


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> The Home Office has published the responses to the consultation on
> amending the RIP Act 2000 so as to address the concerns that it was not
> a faithful transposition of the EU Directive (viz: to fix the problem
> that Whitehall continued to protest that the Phorm system was lawful).
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> Responses:
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> The revised form of statutory instrument:
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