Card transactions by proxy

Ian Batten igb at
Fri Apr 8 13:10:11 BST 2011

> If there is a mobile provider I can choose which does not charge a
> premium for 0800 calls, I am not aware of it.

Orange used to, but stopped it because of abuse via calling cards.

Does anyone know if is legitimate?

The charging of absurd amounts of money for non-geos is a consequence of charging very low rates for non-geos, coupled with quite high termination payments.  It's rather like the way in which bank charging swung from "free if you had a balance of £50" (in the days when £50 was quite a lot of money) to "free", at the expense of a complex menu of charging the moment you went outside the "free" boundaries.   There's a chase to the bottom problem, because "charge me your costs plus a margin on each billable item" deals have been submerged under artificial "this free, but you pay for that" (1) deals.  Cross-subsidy within a business results in this sort of nonsense.


(1) Not quite a Neil Young lyric

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