Card transactions by proxy

Ian Batten igb at
Wed Apr 6 16:22:51 BST 2011

On 6 Apr 2011, at 15:21, Peter Mitchell wrote:

> Ian Batten wrote  on 6-04-11 14:48:
>>> Huge numbers of unauthorised DDs have been deducted by
>>> utility and other companies in the past few years and
>>> none of them have ever had their DD rights removed
>>> AFAIK, even when a consumer's complaint has been
>>> upheld.
>> You're claiming that companies set up DDs with people
>> with whom they have no commercial relationship in order
>> to recover, for example, (purportedly) mis-paid wages,
>> and banks are entirely happy to do this.  In huge
>> numbers.  Name one case.
> Cite the passage where I said this

You wrote, in reference to this scenario:

"I doubt if it amounts to fraud by the bank. But if you're asking why banks would pay unauthorised direct debits, the answer is: I don't know exactly why, but it is completely and utterly certain that they regularly do exactly that."

Sorry, you didn't say "huge numbers".  You said:

> it is completely and utterly certain that they regularly do exactly that.

in response to

>>> Certainly it can, the employer simply tells the bank
>>> they have DD authority over those accounts. The bank
>>> doesn't check, any more than it checked Jeremy
>>> Clarkson.

If it's "completely and utterly certain" they "regularly" do "exactly that", then you won't struggle to produce one case where an employer has simply told a bank that they hold DD authority and taken money.   It's "certain" it's happening "regularly", remember.  So: one case.


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