Card transactions by proxy

Peter Mitchell otcbn at
Wed Apr 6 13:49:39 BST 2011

Roland Perry wrote  on 6-04-11 11:31:
> In article <4D9C3B5F.4050402 at>, Peter Mitchell 
> <otcbn at> writes
>> Huge numbers of unauthorised DDs have been deducted by utility and 
>> other companies in the past few years and none of them have ever had 
>> their DD rights removed AFAIK, even when a consumer's complaint has 
>> been upheld.
> I suspect that by "unauthorised" you mean "in commercial dispute with an 
> existing customer" 

That is the most common kind, where the utility suddenly ups 
the amount it takes, against the consumer's wishes. I had 
one just the other month.

(I'll post an example shortly). Rather than amounts
> debited completely without notice, or when the individual has never been 
> their customer.

They happen too, for example where energy or phone customers 
suddenly get switched to another supplier without asking to.

Pete Mitchell

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