Card transactions by proxy

Francis Davey fjmd1a at
Wed Apr 6 10:16:25 BST 2011

On 6 April 2011 09:47, Ian Batten <igb at> wrote:
> Peter believes that employers are willing to breach the theft act and the fraud act, in collusion with banks, in order to do him down.  There's little arguing with that.

Well, he did say the employee was "in the US" so probably beyond the
reach of those statutes.

I doubt there's a theft act offence: no section 15A ("obtaining a
money transfer by deception") since there doesn't appear to be a
deception - and even if there was, if the employer thinks they are
acting honestly then they don't have the necessary mens rea. There's
certainly no section 1 offence because you can't "steal" a bank

Francis Davey

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