Card transactions by proxy

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Tue Apr 5 17:38:01 BST 2011

In article <4D9B295C.20405 at>, Peter Mitchell 
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>>  I don't buy the Clarkson story, because he would have got a letter 
>>from  the charity confirming the DD was set up.
>Only if the fraudster gave the charity Clarkson's real address, which 
>seems unlikely (he probably wouldn't have known it).

Good point; I wondering why it's a useful exercise, now.

>And even if he did, getting the letter wouldn't have turned back the 
>clock and put Clarkson's money back in his account.

The original idea was that you got the letter in time to cancel
the DD. He could get the money back from the DD guarantee, but that then 
looks like taking money from the charity. He can afford it (he's earning 
at least £2m a year).
Roland Perry

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