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 >>But the principle remains, that you lose control of the money and all 
 >>the initiative is with the customer to chase up 'errors and 
>Or, frankly, as Jeremy Clarkson found out to his cost (and I have 
>experienced with my wife being able to set up a DD on the one 
>non-"joint and several" account I have), anyone can set up a DD with 
>your account because there is no effective checking.
>Which can be inconvenient, embarrassing or could even be job 

I don't buy the Clarkson story, because he would have got a letter from 
the charity confirming the DD was set up. Although as a busy 
professional, he might not have actually seen the letter himself (but 
that doesn't apply to many people). And with bank account numbers on 
every cheque you don't need to advertise them in the newspaper for 
people to get hold of them.

The overlooked issue, in most versions of the story, is the DD can only 
be in favour of certain approved organisations, and the way it is retold 
you'd think anyone could get the money.

There's something to be said for inventing fixed-value DD's, as an 
equivalent to a standing order. It's the variable ones which are the 
most out of control.
Roland Perry

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