Card transactions by proxy

Mary Hawking maryhawking at
Mon Apr 4 08:05:33 BST 2011

Every online transaction I make seems to ask for the security code - I'd
supposed it was in place of the PIN.
Is it just asked for on Visa cards?

Mary Hawking

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> It is my understanding that a very similar thing happens when you do 
> some business transaction over the phone (like booking a hotel).  The 
> call center agent typically enters your credit card details into a web 
> application on your behalf.

My recollection of booking hotels online is that it's unusual for them to
want the CV2, even for "payment even if you don't show up" special offers.
I've always assumed that as their relationships with credit card companies
are amongst the oldest, and the whole issue of things like "reserving
credit" is there for the hotel industry's benefit (and car hire, I guess),
they play by different rules.


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