Card transactions by proxy

Peter Mitchell otcbn at
Sun Apr 3 22:35:20 BST 2011

Roland Perry wrote  on 3-04-11 14:56:
> In article 
> <AANLkTim_qXSiOR_SoPTy7nn+cJHSb2t5GYc7yDOg8_JQ at>, Tony 
> Naggs <tony.naggs at> writes
>> Locally (Cambridge) I sometimes make my monthly council tax payment at 
>> the Post Office, where they swipe my council issued magnetic stripe 
>> card and then take a payment from my debit card using their Chip & Pin 
>> terminal.
> My council closed their "cash office" for good last Friday. Although it 
> also took cheques, and Credit Cards for a £2 fee.
> Apparently, if I want to pay in person now, I have to find a PayPoint, 
> but I doubt they take cheques and certainly don't take debit or credit 
> cards.

One possible alternative is to pay a cheque over the counter 
at a branch of the bank where the council's collection 
account is held. Their bank will be named on the Bank Giro 
Credit slips provided in your council tax paybook.

I haven't tried this method yet myself, I just send them a 
cheque. But it does work for other paying other utility bills.

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