Future Data Acquisition Techniques

Zbigniew Kwecka z.kwecka at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 22:02:58 BST 2010

Richard, thank you for the response. Also, many thanks to everybody who has
taken part in the survey.

>>    and other information available to selected public
>>    authorities under the voluntary disclosure mechanism of the Data
>>    Protection Act,

>seldom -- and the Home Office encourages ISPs to tell them when they are
>asked for data under the DPA, so that the asker can be re-educated!

My apologies for making the introduction a little bit confusing. I wanted it
to be “catchy” and short so I mainly mentioned ISPs, however, the same
applies to other Communication Service Providers that are covered under
RIPA. According to senior police officers the forces routinely use location
data from mobile communication providers during their investigations. I have
also mentioned DPA since the system can be used for data acquisition from
any 3rd party,  CSPs, but also employers, banks, etc.

>>    but the current techniques for gathering data from
>>    third-parties (Internet Service Providers, employers, etc.) are
>>    slow

>varies -- some of the automated systems at the large ISPs are very fast;
>and the manual systems at the small ISPs can also be fast because the
>enquiry is unusual and is therefore promptly dealt with.

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