Future Data Acquisition Techniques

Zbigniew Kwecka z.kwecka at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 06:58:30 BST 2010

Dear colleagues

As a PhD student at Edinburgh Napier University I research the future
investigative data acquisition techniques for use by public authorities.
Investigators often use traffic data obtained from ISPs under RIPA and other
information available to selected public authorities under the voluntary
disclosure mechanism of the Data Protection Act, but the current techniques
for gathering data from third-parties (Internet Service Providers,
employers, etc.) are slow and lack privacy measures. I have set-up an
on-line questionnaire which aims to evaluate different approaches that
police and other public authorities could use to gather data faster while
respecting privacy. I would be grateful if you could spend few minutes and
use this survey to let me know your opinion on the subject. (If you are
unable to answer the whole thing, you can always answer just a couple of
questions and press 'Submit')

Link to the questionnaire:

Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards

Zbigniew Kwecka
PhD Research Student
Edinburgh Napier University

z.kwecka at gmail.com

z.kwecka at napier.ac.uk
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