Security theater?

Peter Fairbrother zenadsl6186 at
Wed Sep 8 13:17:33 BST 2010

Just had a new Lloyds credit card delivered, it had a sticker saying I 
have to call a number to activate it. I call, it's an automated system.

It asks for the card number, fair enough. It asks for the expiry date, 
well maybe, It asks for my DOB, the only information that isn't actually 
on the card, but no big secret. And then it asks for the 
three-digit-security-code-on-the-back, well wtf?

AIUI, and I may be wrong, the purpose of activation is to prevent 
lost-in-the-post theft/fraud - so what do they need details which a 
thief who has the card in his hot sweaty hand already knows for?

And especially details like the three-digit-security-code-on-the-back 
which can be used to help defraud?

I don't get it, unless it's just bad security theatre.

-- Peter Fairbrother

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