RBS and HSBC using Rapport any advice or opinions?

Peter Sommer peter at pmsommer.com
Thu Oct 28 07:27:31 BST 2010

I found it pretty kludgy - on the XP system where I had it installed it 
left a whole series of processes which didn't close down properly when I 
went through a regular close down of XP itself - a succession of windows 
appeared and you had to terminate the processes manually.

In terms of your liability if you don't use it - you have an obligation 
to exercise reasonable care but it is not for the banks to tell you how 
specifically to exercise it,  particularly as I strongly suspect that 
Rapport themselves are not guaranteeing either to you or the bank that 
if you deploy its product they will in all circumstances make good any 
loss you incure through fraud.

Peter Sommer

On 27/10/2010 20:25, Martin Gardner wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been wondering whether it is worthwhile giving in to the 
> nagging from RBS and now HSBC to install Rapport 
> (http://www.rbs.co.uk/corporate/ms/sc/online-security/rapport.ashx) 
> for use with internet banking.
> Before I go to the effort of investigating Rapport myself has anyone 
> else looked into it?
> What is the general opinion of it?
> Does anyone know what the position might be if I continue to refuse to 
> use it? Especially if I then become a victim of fraud?
> Thanks in advance
> Martin
> ---
> Martin Gardner

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