national ID fraud prevention week: unclear on the concept

Tom Yates madlists at
Mon Oct 18 12:40:07 BST 2010

having learned from the grauniad [1] that this week is national ID fraud 
prevention week, and that to mark it "A guide, supported by organisations 
including the Metropolitan police, the National Fraud Authority and the 
Federation of Small Businesses, can be found at", i 
went off to get a copy, from .

the guide, now i've read it, offers such useful gems as "Be wary of 
publishing identifying information about yourself online", in which class 
they include your full name and pictures of your employer.

amusingly, they require you to give your full name, employer (company 
affiliation) and email address in an insecure web form before allowing you 
to access the leaflet.  afaict, they don't validate any of the data, 
though i'm not sure whether that makes me more or less depressed.


       Tom Yates  -


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