50 characters ? (was RE: Man jailed over computer password refusal

ken k.brown at bbk.ac.uk
Fri Oct 15 15:39:13 BST 2010

On 13/10/2010 18:15, James Firth wrote:

> Some very interesting background has been published in the New Statesman
> regarding this case in an article by David Allen Green, the telecoms and
> media lawyer I mentioned in a previous post.  It seems:
>   * most if not all the information published by the press came from
> Lancashire police either from a "sensationalist" press release, or
> "background" information given over the telephone.

Worryinger and worryinger.

According to the Staggers the police were telling everyone who 
phoned and claimed to be a reporter about the original 
allegations. That looks pretty dubious to me.

Also, if Mr Drage is now 19, and he was arrested in May last 
yer, he must have been 18 at the most and possibly 17.  So its 
quite possible that he was a legal minor at the time that that 
some of the offences he is alleged to have committed would have 
been committed when he was a minor. Does that make a difference? 
I would have thought it would.

Not really relevant but I think I could remember a 40-50 
character password if it was derivable from a poem or a song or 
similar, or if it was mostly dictionary words.

But my ability to remember arbitrary strings of characters seems 
to fail somewhere in the region of ten. (For some reason letters 
are easier than numbers - I genuinely can't remember my own 
mobile phone number, though I suppose I could learn it if I tried)

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